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A Fun, Interactive Approach to Eye Care

We understand that visiting the doctor can sometimes be a bit daunting for young ones. At Advanced Family Vision, our eye exams are more than just taking tests—they’re a fun-filled adventure that can help enlighten children and parents alike on the importance of eye care!

From the waiting room filled with books to the games and activities we use throughout the exam, our mission is to keep your child engaged, comfortable, and happy during their eye care experience.

We look for possible issues affecting your child’s sight, like myopia, and we can provide prescriptions or strategies to help keep their sight clear and comfortable—from eyeglasses to contact lenses.

After they’ve completed their eye care journey with us, each child gets to pick a reward from our treasure chest. That’s their prize for taking such good care of their eyes. 

Let’s embark on your child’s eye care journey! Book their next eye exam with us today.

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How Often Should My Child Get an Eye Exam?

At Advanced Family Vision, we can start your child’s eye care journey as early as age 3. At this age, we can begin monitoring the development of your child’s eyes to catch any potential issues early. 

We recommend annual eye exams for all children, which helps us keep a close watch on their sight so we can adjust prescriptions and strategies as their eyes develop. 

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Your Child’s Eye Development

Your child’s visual development is a fascinating journey.

Regular eye exams are crucial as their eyes develop as they allow early detection and treatment of common childhood vision issues like lazy eye, crossed eyes, and myopia

Early intervention helps ensure that your child has every opportunity for healthy vision development so they can explore their world with clarity.

Birth to 1 Year

In the first few months, your child will start recognizing faces and begin focusing on objects close to them. By six months, depth perception and color vision start developing.

As they approach their first year, most children have a well-established sense of sight and can recognize familiar items from a distance.

During preschool years (2–5 years), your child’s visual acuity sharpens. They learn to integrate visual information with other senses, developing motor skills like throwing a ball or drawing shapes.

During this time, problems such as lazy eye (amblyopia) or crossed eyes (strabismus) may become apparent. We recommend that your child have their first eye exam before they begin school.

Between 6 and 18, your child is using their vision for all aspects of life.

However, issues like myopia can develop during this time. In some cases, it can affect your child’s performance in school and sports.

The Importance of Dilated Eye Exams

Kids have strong focusing mechanisms, and dilated eye exams can help us determine their refraction status better.

Dilatation eye drops relax the eye’s pupil, giving us a comprehensive view of the eye’s internal structures. However, this process may cause temporary blurred vision and sensitivity to light for a few hours.

To help prepare your child for the exam:

  • Explain the process of a dilated eye exam in simple terms.
  • Assure them that blurry vision after the exam is temporary.
  • Bring sunglasses to help manage light sensitivity.

If you have any other questions regarding dilated eye exams, please get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to help.

Contact Lenses & Sports Eyewear for Kids

Contact lenses are a popular choice for teens and older children. We can also prescribe specialty lenses to address concerns like myopia development.

We particularly recommend daily contact lenses for their convenience and hygiene benefits.

In addition to contact lenses, it’s important to consider sports eyewear for protection during physical activities. Goggles can provide a protective barrier against:

  • Dust & wind
  • Dirt & sweat

Proper fittings are paramount for promoting comfort and optimal vision. Book an appointment to learn more about fitting contact lenses and sports goggles for your child.

Book Your Child’s Eye Exam Today

Whether it’s hopping onto a bicycle, running on a game field, or diving into an intriguing novel, clear vision is crucial for your child’s everyday adventures.

Protect your child’s gift of sight and help them experience a sharper, clearer world. Book your child’s eye exam today.

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